Altimate Communications –Power Projects cover a range of service

Our key portfolios are as follows:

Construction of Substations

Under this portfolio, we construct substations and switch yards of up to 330KV, depending with the Client’s needs. We construct both ground and pole-mounted substations to meet the specific needs of our Clients.

We also mount indoor switchboards for those Clients who need indoor switchboards.


Altimate communications also carries out cable laying (cabling) for different purposes. We also do cable jointing and termination.

With our modern cable-fault location equipment, we can identify cable faults in the shortest possible time without necessarily digging in the ground for underground cable faults. Our cable fault locators ensure that productive efforts are channeled elsewhere in the business rather than in digging the ground to find cable faults

Construction Of Generator Rooms

Because we understand the criticalness of electrical power to the running of your business processes, we always strive to make it available to you. We have the capacity to build generator rooms of any size to meet your needs.

We can also install the generators for you, leaving you with all the back-up power you need so that your business processes are not affected by power black-outs.

Infrared Thermography/Thermal Imaging

Infrared thermography is a preventive measure that we use to monitor the condition of mechanical, electrical and civil structures. Altimate Communications has acquired modern technology which allows us to effectively monitor the condition of different structures so that if there are any defects, structural instabilities or natural wear and tear, these are identified and rectified in good time. \Thermal Imaging Equipment

Equipment Maintanence

Altimate Communications also carries out routine and periodic professional maintenance work on all high voltage equipment to ensure that our Clients’ equipment operate at optimum levels in a safe manner.

We appreciate the risks of high voltage equipment thus we undertake periodic maintenance on this equipment to ensure safety and optimum performance. We carry out maintenance work on transformers, sub-stations, generators and overhead lines.

Filtration Of Oils

With the passage of time, transformer oils lose their di-electric strength and become less effective. Altimate communications has acquired modern technology which filter transformer oils, removing all the dirt gathered overtime and at the same time restoring the di-electric strength thereby prolonging the life-span of the transformer.

Construction Of Power Lines

To ensure the efficient transmission of electrical power to drive your business processes, Altimate Communications has the expertise to construct power lines of up to 132KV to give you all the power you need.

Equipment Supply

We have engaged various technical partners to bring modern high voltage technology to your door-step. We supply modern high voltage equipment to various clients in the market. 


          (i) Transformer Manufacturing

                   . winding wire, laminators, oil, steel, bushings 

          (ii) Low and High Voltage Substations

                   . switchgear, cables, relays, isolators, accessories, phasing paper, Conflex paper, Myler paper             

          (iii) Power Lines Construction

                   . poles, conductors, fuses, insulators, accessories 

(iv) Prepaid Electricity Meters